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  Hello, welcome to my website.

I am excited to introduce you to my new musical CD series,"Classic Hits Revisited."

  I wanted to create a fun way to share new music and interact with my fans. Each volume will contain 10 classic hits that I have arranged and recorded with my own personal flavour and because each CD can hold an additional 8-10 more tracks, I will give you the opportunity to go through my musical catalogue and add additional songs to fill the CD.

  Before you decide what songs you would like, use the links below to listen to all the music that is available for the CD.

Another fun feature to add more of a personal touch to our connection is the actual CD. I have created CDs with a large space to leave a message, a dedication, or I could surprise you with a bit of artwork.

Before you go to the cart use the form to select the
10 additional songs you would like on the CD. Once you submit the form click CONTINUE button to complete your order.

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